The Unlimited Guide of Quora | What is Quora and How to Create account Quora

The Unlimited Guide of Quora | What is Quora and How to Create account Quora

If you do not know about Quora then in this post today we will know what is Quora?

When and who made it How does Quora work? How to create an account? Advantages and Uses? History of Quora & all about Quora?

Friends, if you still use the internet only to use Facebook, Whatsapp, then you are not using the Internet with full methods. Do you know such social on the internet?

Sites that can be of great use to you. One of them is Quora. Where you can answer your questions and answer the questions asked by other users. You can also call it a Helping site. Which is designed to help each other.

Friends, if you have not heard of Quora yet, what Is Quora, and have not used it. So the time has come for the world to become part of the Larger Community. If you want to get complete information on the subject of Quora, then this article is for you today.

In which you know what is Quora of genitalia? (What Is Quora) How to use Quora.

How to create your free account on Quora? And what are its special features and their uses? When and who made Quora What is the history of Quora. You are going to get all this information in today's article, so friends, let us know firstly without delay. - What Is Quora?

Table of Content: 

  • What is Quora?
  • How to create an account on Quora?
  • How to answer on Quora?
  • Top Features of Quora
  • History of Quora
  • Benefits of Quora
  • Important information related to Quora
  • How to ask your question on Quora?
  • How to Answer on Quora?
  • How to Upvote and Downvote on Quora?
  • How to search Answer on Quora?
  • How to download Quora app?
  • Conclusion,

What is Quora?

Quora is an AC website where you can increase your knowledge by getting answers to various questions.

Also if you get an answer to a question. So you can share your knowledge with others.

Friends, this is the Question & Answering site, where you can share your experiences related to the subject with people.

Say two Quora sites in a narration, allowing Internet users to ask questions, reply and comment and edit content. Friends Quora, the answer given by the people to whom the question may be the answer, then their personal Opinion (opinion).

Millions of people on Quora often ask questions to Solve their Doubts. And the Quora user who knows the answer to that question can answer it. Friends today including quora English.

Available in 17 languages. Of which it also supports Chhetriya Bhasaye of Hindu, Tamil and Marathi India.

This means that you can use Quora as per your convenience (language).
Friends, now the question may come in your mind that why should you use Quora?

People often ask what they would benefit from using Quora. Will they be paid to answer people's questions on this, then the answer is yes. But not through money, but through Upvotes and Comment, your work gets appreciated. 

Which increases your Confidence. Apart from this, your Doubt is clear here. You get new information, you can read the views of experienced people, what more should a user want.

What is Quora? After knowing this, we move forward and know that the How to use Quora?

How to create an account on Quora?

How to create an account on Quora

Friends, the biggest thing is that any internet user can use the Quora site for free. However, if you are a smartphone user, the convenience for you is that you can use the app anytime by installing Quora mobile application.

To start using the Quora site, first, go to the site. Because this is your first time using the Quora site. So you have to sign up first. You can sign up with your email id or Facebook account.

If you want to sign up to Quora with your Google account, then continue with Google Tap

Please Otherwise click on Continue With Facebook to sign up with Facebook.
After successfully signing up you will now be asked about interest. Select your science, technology, food, books on any topic that has internet.

Keep in mind that you have to choose at least 10 topics. Then click on the continue button. By doing so, your Quora account has been created. Now from here, you can ask any question in any language in Hindi or English from the search bar.

Ask any question on quora

And if you want to answer the question, then by clicking Add question here, to whom you can answer the new question. Friends if you are a new Quora user. So over time, you will get more information about using the Quora site.

Friends, this is how you have learned to use Quora. So now you can also answer any questionnaire in Quora. Before giving an answer to anyone, it is important to take care of some things, which can be beneficial for you.

After joining Quora, you will have to verify your email address, after that you are ready to ask questions on Quora.

To ask questions on Kora, you have to ask what is your question or link at the top? Click on it, then pop up windows will open.

1. Write your question.
2. Publish questions by clicking on Add Question.

In this way, you can ask questions on Quora, here there is 2 option of add question and share a link, meaning you can share the question on quora as well as share the link.

How to answer on Quora?

Analyze it

If you want to answer any question, then it is necessary to analyze it. Because your answer can reach millions of Quora users. So make sure that your answer is factually correct.

Because your answer on Quora is the main source of information for people. Therefore, try to answer any question carefully and accurately.

Correct Answer

Friends, anyone likes to read Reader short and Exact information. That is, rotated.

The answer may confuse the reader. So when you write the answer once. So before publishing yourself, read it again yourself. Do the users like it? You can also add a special word. Can also be bold, italic.

Add Image

Friends, it is better to have a graphical element in the article. Instead of whom the article should have only text. But take care to always use the same image in your article. This is related to that question, that is, keeping in mind the Relevancy, you can use the image in Answer.


Friends, suppose you answered the question 1 year ago, then you may have changed that information over time. So you need to update the information given in that article. On Quora, you can easily edit your question by editing the answer.

Top Features of Quora

Following Topics/feed

Friends Quora, you can follow any particular topic. Like, suppose your internet is in sports and technology. So you can follow sports or technology or both subjects. The advantage of this is that you are not connected to these topics - no.

Future updates

See you from time to time.
For a better experience on Quora, the first step of the user is to install Feed. Because through the feed, it shows you the people, questions, and topics that you choose. With this, if you want to know more about the topic or to be an expert, then this feature can also be very effective in increasing your future knowledge.

Add Answer

Friends, if you want to help people too, then Quora helps you in doing this.
Can do. If you have knowledge on a particular topic. Or if you have knowledge of any field, then you Quora.

But you can present your experiences or information related to that topic to the people.

And if your answer benefits people. So the comment and Upvote show how beneficial your answer has been for them. If you want to help, then start answering.

Ask Questions

If you have a question on which you want to ask people's opinions. Suppose you want to buy this smartphone, gadget and if you want the festival to share their experience thoughts about it, then Quora can help you with this task.
Friends, if you do not want to take direct answers to your question from Google, then ask your questions on Quora.

And people who will know the answer to your question. He will answer you. You can ask proper questions related to any topic.


Friends, how Facebook, Instagram, etc. social sites have an Inbox feature. In the same way, Quora also has an inbox feature using which a Quora user can personally message another user. Quora is also called a very large networking tool. Because it helps you to talk to those unknown people and get to know their thoughts.

UpVote & DownVote

In YouTube, the quality of video content is sought through Like and Dislike. In the same way, who likes Upvote and Dislikes by the user when he likes the answer given on Quora to the question

The downvote is done.

This feature helps to check the quality of an answer before fully reading any answer on Quora. For example, if you see more upvotes on an article, then you will prefer to read the article first based on the reliability of the article.


On Quora, a user can report spam, theft, etc. of content. After reporting, appropriate action can be taken to investigate that post.

User Profile

Quora also allows users to create their own profiles just like any other social site. Where they are given their real name, photo as well as the number of replies to their followers and total gave queries, even if these users can also hide these details. Also, anyone can publish the post by hiding the user name. Those users who have not created a Quora profile, they can also ask for comments and questions on any post.

So these were some of the main features of Quora that are important for the user to know.

Friends, if you are a blogger, then Quora can be very useful for you. For your information, tell that in the present time many bloggers are using Quora to get quality traffic in their blog and also for Affiliate Marketing.

Friends, let us go ahead and know when this Question & Answering site popular in the world was started.

When and who made Quora?

Quora was initiated in June 2009 by Facebook's former employee Adam D'Angelo, a man named Charlie Cheever.

History of Quora

Friends Quora is an American Question & Answer website. Headquartered in California US. Quora Co. was discovered in the year 2009 but in June 2010 the Quora site was launched for public use.

At the time of Quora's introduction, Quora's researchers considered "While there are still many question and answer sites on the Internet, there is a need to do more in these fields."

And with this objective, Quora was launched and the number of Quora users increased rapidly from 2010 onwards. And by January 2000, Quora had 50,0000 registered users. Then in 2013, Quora launched the blogging platform. This gave the Question & Answer site a more convenient platform for users.

And as the number of internet users increased over time, the number of Quora users increased. And thus today Quora has become a popular Social Question & Answering site.

Benefits of Quora

  • On Quora, we can easily get answers to our questions.
  • You can like or dislike any article on Quora.
  • If you have any objections to any question or answer, then you can also report on Quora. Whose action takes place immediately.
  • You can freely edit your thoughts on Quora.
  • You can also have a personal chat on it.
  • You can also do blogging on Quora.
  • You can quickly search for a question or answer through its search feature.
  • In this, you can add any topic, read it, and also answer the question.
  • Quora also gives rewards for encouraging writers who write effective and good articles.

Important information related to Quora

When was Quora founded?

Quora was founded on 09 June 2009. But for the common people, it was launched on 21 June 2010.

Who founded Quora?

It was founded by Adem de Angeli and Charlie Cheever.

Where is the headquarters of Quora?

This is an American website, so its headquarters are located in California.

How do you make money from quora?

People keep asking questions related to some products on Quora, so you can earn money by promoting products and services through it.

How many languages know Quora ?

Quora is in many languages ​​such as Hindi, English, German, Japanese, Marathi, Dutch, Tamil, Indonesia, French, Portuguese, etc.

How to ask any question on Quora?

How to ask any question on Quora

After creating your account on Quora, you will see the answers related to the topics that you have followed. But if you want to ask your question on any subject. Then you will find an option of Add Question at the very top of Quora's home page and will have to click on it.

After that, a box will open in front of you, and in this box, you have to type the question and then click on the Add question option. After that Quora will ask you to select and verify the topics which are related to your question. 

After that, you do not have to do anything. Now as soon as people read your question, whoever has knowledge on this subject will answer your question. Similarly, you can also answer someone's question on Quora if you are fully aware of it.

 How would you answer a question on friends Quora?

Before knowing this, you need to understand that on Quora you should answer only those questions on which you have accurate knowledge or experience on the subject. Because it is a platform to share knowledge and information with each other, people are very hopeful with asking questions here, so that I can get true & accurate answers to Quality & amp;.

How to answer on Quora?

How to answer on Quora

If you know the answer to someone's question or you have knowledge on that subject, then you can answer the questions asked by others. If you use Quora, then visit the home page of Quora App by visiting And to write an answer to a question here, you will get the option to write an answer on the screen, click on it.

After clicking on writing the answer, on the screen you will see a tab of questions for you, where you have been given all the questions, you can answer any of them. To answer any of these questions, write the answer below. Click on the option given.

And now a box will come in front of you, in this box you start writing the answer to that question. You can also bold italic from the words written. You can also use images in the middle and can also add a link. After writing the answer, click on the submit button below and your answer will be published.

Friends, tell me once more that you can answer any question on Kora, that is if a question has already been answered by a Kora user, but you are not satisfied with that answer, then even in such a situation, your own answer on Kora Can add.

How to Upvote and Downvote on Quora?

How to Upvote and Downvote on Quora

Similarly, if you like the answer to someone's question, you can upvote if someone's answer is not satisfied then you can download. This is similar to how we like and dislike YouTube videos.

To support someone's answer on Quora, you get a sign of Upvote below the answer, by clicking on it you can upvote and express your happiness. But if you want to downvote it, you will see the reverse sign of the downvote on the left-hand side as you can see below in the image. You can click on it to reveal your dissatisfaction with this question.

When an answer is voted more on Quora, Cora gives more importance to that answer. And the ranking of the answer increases and more and more people try to show that answer.

How to search Answer on Quora?

Like Google search, you can search any question within Quora? There will definitely be some topics on which you will not get an answer. And you can add those questions after which someone will answer them. But on every topic related to business, sports, fashion, etc., you will get to see the answers of industry experts here.

Just you have to come to website and above you have been given a search bar, where you type your question in the same way as you search Google and you will get the answer to this question as soon as you click on the search icon.

How to download Quora app?

I hope after reading this article here, you will now know a lot about the Quora platform. And if you are planning to use it, then you can also download Quora's application for your mobile. The advantage of this is that you will not have to visit Quora's official website, again and again, you can take the facilities of all these features on the app itself, you can ask your questions within the app and read the answer. Vote and unvote the answer.

Install Quora App now by clicking on the link given below. And many times if you read an answer on Quora's website, then you also get information that you download the Quora App, so if you are a regular user, if you want to use it, then downloading the app is a better option for you. Can.

Click here to Download Quora App


So, friends, that's all in this post today. Hopefully, you will have got all the information related to Quora now. And you would know when and who made Quora what is Quora? How does it work, How to create an account Advantages and Uses? History of Quora & all about Quora?

Thanks for reading our article if you have any queries or questions then comment to me I definitely give you an answer to your question.

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