What is Google Drive? And How to use Google Drive | Google Drive Full Guide

Nowadays everything has become digital, now in such a way that we can save our data online or online on the internet, such as photos, videos, and or documents of any kind, so how can we save it online? 

In the post, I will tell you how you can save your data online for free with the help of Google Drive and can download your file or document again whenever you want.

What is Google Drive? And How to use Google Drive | Google Drive Full Guide

Everyone has many important documents that can be stolen or lost or deleted at any time, the photos of people are very important and sometimes those photos are deleted or there are any videos. 

People then try to recover their photos videos or files, in such a way, in such a way that your data such as photos videos or any documents can be saved online on the Internet, with the help of Google Drive Can save your drive easily, let's know what is Google Drive? And How to use Google Drive?

Google Drive is a free cloud-based storage online service that enables users to store and access files in Google Drive. The service syncs store documents, photos, and others to all devices of users including mobile devices, tablets, and PCs.

Table of content:
  • What is Google Drive?
  • Why use Google Drive?
  • Basics of Google Drive
  • How to sign up for Google Drive?
  • How to use Google Drive on Computer?
  • How to use Google Drive on Dekstop?
  • How to use Google Drive on Android?
  • How to get a direct download link of Google Drive file?
  • What is Google drive backup?
  • Feature of google drive
  • What can Google Drive do?

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a free service from Google that allows you to store files and access file online anywhere using the cloud. Google Drive gives you access to free web-based applications for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more.

In this cloud storage service of Google Drive, you can save various files in the cloud and then access them from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can store documents, images, videos, and even backup your PC.

This service makes it easy to transfer files from one device to another without emailing them. In this, you can share the document with others and this will ensure that even if your PC fails, your files are safe and you can access them from other PCs.

Why use Google Drive?

Google Drive is one of the most popular online cloud storage services available today, offering 15 gigabytes (15 GB) of free storage space. If you have never used a cloud-based storage service like Google Drive, then you should think about the advantages of keeping your files online.

Since files can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection, the need to save your files in a USB drive or in an email will be eliminated. And because the drive allows you to share files, working with others becomes much easier.

Basics of Google Drive:

Before we learn about the features of Google Drive and learn how to use Google Drive, let's talk about some basic things that you want to know.

The first is that you need a Google account to use this service. It is free and you can create your account in a few minutes. Once you have an account in Gmail, you get access to all Google services including Drive, Gmail, Photos, YouTube, Play Store, etc.

You can access Drive on the web at drive.google.com or through the free Android app.

You can also view all your files through the Drive folder on your PC, but you must first download Google's Backup and Sync software.

When it comes to storage, you get 15 GB of space for free, which is shared between Drive, Gmail, and Photos. This is sufficient for most people, but if you want more space than this, then you have to pay.

For a 100GB plan, you have to pay  $2 per month, 1 TB for $10 per month, while 10 TB will cost $100 per month.

These are some basic things you need to know about Google's cloud storage. Now that we have come to know them, let us see how to use Google Drive.

How to sign up for Google Drive?

You can sign up for Google Drive by creating your Gmail account at www.google.com.

By creating a Google account, you will not only get access to Google Drive but also get Gmail, Google Play, and many other Google services.

How to use Google Drive?

The answer to this question is very simple and eassy -

Once you create a Google Account, you can access Google Drive's 15 GB free storage space in three ways: through your browser, through your desktop file system, and through your mobile device.

1. How to use Google Drive on Computer?

If you want to use Google Drive on your computer, then type drive.google.com address in your browser and press enter. Now log in using your Google account. ( Google Drive log in)

Its user interface is quite easy to understand-
On the left side, you will see a navigation tab where the following options are -
My Drive: to access your store files

My Computer: See which computers are in sync with

Shared with Me: Access to files shared with you

Recent: Use Recently Used Files

Google Photos: Access to your photo library

Files tagged for starred: importance can be seen here

Trash: Access to your Recycle Bin

Backups: Access Your Backup

Upgrade Storage: to buy more cloud storage

My Drive:

You will see "My Drive" on the right side of the screen, which is the central hub of Google Drive.

It stores all the files and folders you upload to Google Cloud. It acts like a folder, storing both files and subfolders.

If you have not uploaded a single file to the drive, then go ahead and upload your files.

To upload files to Google Drive -

To upload any document to a drive, click the Upload Files button under New or My Drive and select a file from your computer.

 Google Drive

Share a document in Google Drive-

Once you have uploaded your files to Google Drive, then you can Share these files or folders from Drive, which others can view, edit, or comment.

Click on the folder you want to share.

Click the Share button.

Google Drive

In "People," type the email address or Google Group you want to share it with.

Google Drive

Click on Send. An email will be sent to the people you have shared.

Once they have access, the documents appear in the Drive Dashboard with the Shared with me tab and a link to the shared document also arrives in their email inbox.

To share multiple files at once:

Do you want to share multiple files or folders at once? Instead of sharing each file one by one, you can put them in a folder and share that folder. With whom you share the folder, they will have access to all the files.

2. How to use Google Drive on Dekstop?

You do not need to access Google Drive in the browser every time, you can download and install the Google Drive app on your Windows PC.

For this, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of Google Drive browser and click on download backup and sync for Windows option. Now, this Google Drive client will be downloaded to your PC. Install it

Google Drive

Once the client is installed, you can sync the folders of any location on your PC with Google Drive.

For this, right-click on that folder on your PC and click on the option in sync this folder.

Now the backup of this folder will be done in Google Drive.

Google Drive

Along with this, you will see a drive of Google Drive on the left side of the file explorer.

Google Drive

Any files or folders that you save in this drive are stored on your hard drive by default but are saved in the cloud as well. From the cloud, you can access these files on other devices.

How to use Google Drive on Android?

Google has created a smartphone app for both Android and iOS. During this segment, we will learn Google Drive mainly on Android as it is commonly used.

Smartphone hard drives have increased in recent years, while storage capacities of 16, 32, and 64 GB are now common, but with this, the amount of data we capture on our smartphones has increased.

Android phones have the Drive app by default.

By opening this app, you can access your drive storage. Its interface is quite simple, there are top search bars to find files quickly.

Google Drive

There are quick access views to open recently uploaded or edited files and folder navigation to browse your cloud content.

There is also a "plus" button at the bottom that you can tap to upload new files from your device, scan the image, and create new files using Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.

Google Drive

Each folder and file also has additional menu options.

These options include sharing functionality, which allows you to generate a link for people to add or share to a folder. You can move or rename files, star mark them for importance, and add them to your phone's home screen for easy access.

Download Google Drive app by clicking here

How to take Share Link of Google Drive File?

When you right-click on the file you uploaded, you will see some options for that file.

Google Drive File

Now click on the share, the box will open in front of you as soon as you click on the share, click on the option of Advance in the right side below that box.

On clicking the advance, you will open another box where you have to click on the option of change in front of the "Private - Only You Can Access" option.

Now another box will open in front of you and there you will see 3 options.

 Google Drive File

1. Public: - The first option is to share the file for the public, if someone does some search in Google search, then your file will also come in Google search and anyone can download it.

2. Anyone: - This option will make the file shareable but the one who has the file link can download it, your file will not be found in Google search.

3. Off: - This happens in private mode, no one will see the file, even if you give the file link to someone, this file will only be visible to you.

Now you have found out all these three options, then you just select any option and save it. As soon as you save, you will come to the first box where in the box of “Link to Share” above you will get the link of the file, you can send this link to anyone and send your file to it.

Google Drive link

You can also share this file directly on your Facebook Twitter account. When someone clicks on this link, they will come to the page on the download of your file and will then be able to download the file.

How to get a direct download link of Google Drive file?

When you click on the link that you have taken a link to the file above, then it will go to the new website and the file will be downloaded from there. If you want to click on a link and it is downloaded, then you will get the direct download link of the file. will have to take.

First, you copy the link to the file

• And now go to https://Sites.Google.Com/Site/Gdocs2direct/

• Paste the link to your file in entering Your Sharing URL

• And click on create a direct link

• Now in the box below you will find your direct download link.

How to share video with Google drive?

Here Hum tells you an important thing that in Google drive you can not only save a picture video file, documents, you can also share them with anyone.
Let us tell you how you will share a saved or uploaded file or Folder in Google Drive with a person. Touch the three points next to the name of the folder you want to share with someone.

If you want to share a folder, then the drop-down menu will open as soon as you touch the three points next to the name of that folder.

If he will touch on the visible Share Option, Hum will type the first Email ID, after typing a Gmail ID, and then look at the second Email ID.

Similarly, by giving space and if you want to share File Lion with the Email ID of any other Email Service Provider, how can you do it?

After this, the next option is Message, in this, you can also send a message to the person with whom you are sharing this File or Folder.

Now you can touch on the arrow marks visible above to share, as soon as you do aerobics, File or Folder Share will be done.

Let us tell you an important thing here, that the file, Folder, etc. Lion shared with the help of Hum Google drive, goes to the person in front through an email.

In which Google Drive consists of Uploaded File or Folder Link. With whose help, you can use that file, Folder.

What is Google drive backup?

By doing Google Drive backup, you can easily backup your photo, video, file on Google Drive.

If ever you get stolen mobile phone or search somewhere, then all of your lost mobile

You can transfer all photos, videos, and files to any of your other mobiles.
Backing up all your documents on Google Drive, it is important to have the Internet on your mobile. You can store up to 15 JB of data free on Google Drive.

Feature of Google drive

Now the question comes, what is its feature for which people will use it, or will you use it?

If someone had a specialty then it would be very easy to tell, but still, there are some features which you will definitely like, so I will tell her: -

• Quick Access: It has been designed such a system using machine learning that when you think of using a file, as soon as you type a single letter, you will already predict what you want to use so that your work will be very easy and quick access to every file can be done.

• Backup: You can also back up your files in Google Drive.

• Encryption: This is very important because before 2013 Google did not encrypt the file of its Google Drive but when the case of NSA means the National Security Agency of the US came, then the file of Google Drive has been encrypted but it only Server-side encryption is not client-side encryption.

This is the reason that when you try to download a movie online for free, sometimes you give an option to download it from Google Drive because people upload it on Google Drive.

Now you must have understood that What is Google Drive and how to use google drive?

What can Google Drive do?

Here are the key features of Google Drive for consumers:

Store the file: Drive provides you with 15 GB of free online storage. You can store a wide range of file types and folders - even your office files.

Create File: You can create documents and files on any device anywhere with integrated Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps.

Access your files from anywhere: In Drive, your files can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Share with others: You can quickly invite others to, download, view, and comment and collaborate on your files in your Drive.

Work offline: If you are not connected to the Internet, you can make some files available offline for viewing and editing.

View older versions: You can view older versions up to 30 days in most file types, making it easier to view changes and revert to previous versions.

Search: Drive can identify objects in your images and text in a scanned document - just enter your keyword in the search bar.
Google Photo: You can store your photos in Drive and then access them and edit them with the Google Photo app.

Scan documents: The Android app lets you scan all your paper documents as PDF - just snap a photo of it.


In this article What is Google Drive? And How to use Google Drive | Google Drive Full Guide. to go into detail.

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